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Re: [] Future of the Automated Error Reporter Infrastructure (AERI)

Hi Wayne,

I am sorry, but I do not think that I am proficient enough in the IDE
development to assess AERI's value to the process. Assuming that many
defects/issues are reported via the system, I would think that keeping
AERI alive has value. However, personally, I believe that the Eclipse IT
team has bigger fish to catch, e.g. with the build infrastructure,
providing a new issue tracker, improving the infrastructure for the IP
process etc.

I would therefore rate its importance "low" in comparison to the items
listed above.


On 17.09.19 19:53, Wayne Beaton wrote:
> Greetings Architecture Council.
> I assume that many of you are familiar with the Automated Error
> Reporting Infrastructure (AERI). AERI manifests as plug-ins for the
> Eclipse Platform and a server portion that runs on a vserver. Both of
> these components have been run and supported by the Eclipse Code
> Recommenders project.
> By way of background, Eclipse Code Recommenders dropped out of the
> Simultaneous Release following the December 2018 release and has since
> moved into a state where it has no active committers. I've slated it for
> a termination review on October 2/2019.
> Note that the vserver that runs the AERI server was shut down a few days
> ago. Since the plug-in have not been part of the simultaneous release
> since 2019-03, recent packages are unaffected. AFAICT, older versions of
> the packages that do include the error reporter plug-ins seem--to in the
> very limited testing that I've done--fail gracefully.
> The question, then, is what do we do now?
> Do you feel that AERI provides a valuable service that we should
> collectively invest in?
> If yes, where is the right home for the AERI Eclipse Platform plug-ins
> (i.e., what other Eclipse project; volunteers only, please)?
> I believe that the right thing to do would be to have the Eclipse IT
> team take over responsibility for the server. This will require time and
> energy that could not be used on other efforts. If you feel that AERI is
> valuable, at what relative priority (low/medium/high) do you put it
> relative to other services that the Eclipse IT team provides/could
> provide? Are there other options? 
> Thanks for your input,
> Wayne
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