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[] JSRs for consideration

Greetings Architecture Council.

As a member of the JCP, the Eclipse Foundation has the opportunity (and responsibility) to vote on the various JSRs that work through the system. Paul Buck (who monitors this list) is the Eclipse Foundation's representative and will cast votes on our behalf (I am the Eclipse Foundation's alternative representative).

Before casting any vote, we seek input from the Eclipse Architecture Council. If you have input or concerns regarding any of the listed JSRs, please feel free to discuss it here, or send me a personal note if you'd rather keep your concerns off the public list.

We hereby request your input on the following JSRs:

JSR 282 - Real-Time Specification for Java 1.1 - Public Review
Appears on the ballot: 30 July 2019
URL for Public Review materials:

JSR 388 - Java SE 13 - Public Review
Appears on the ballot: 27 August 2019
URL for Public Review materials:



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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