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Re: [] Eclipse vs Vi vs Sublime

Again, could we please go back to make the discussion about actually
doing the first step - make eclipse awesome at opening files IFF it is
in the path/setup in your OS ?

Ah, ok. This has worked for me for years so my mind is entirely on what you call phase 2 :).
Didn't knew other OSes are so behind :P .

Yeah, issue is that the implementation that was done for this was not done in a way that gives unified behaviour.

i.e. on OSX, I have eclipse running with this binary: /Users/max/products/eclipse/java-mars3/

If I run that same binary with a file path it will start up yet another eclipse instance.

But I do it from Finder it works because it goes through the

I know about this from, but I fear that wiki is not fully uptodate
since then it became default to have "--launcher.openFile" on Windows and Linux.


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