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Re: [] Eclipse vs Vi vs Sublime

On 03/16/2016 09:04 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
I think you'll be surprised how that simple thing keeps people going back to emacs/vi because it is easily accessible.
I'm not surprised at all, and I('ll) keep using vim for this reason. But is it really a challenge where Eclipse IDE can succeed?

vim and Emacs are popular on Linux, used widely because they are in the PATH and accessible easily via yum, apt-get, you-name-it. So one can type "vim file.txt" in a console and get immediately vim installed and opening the "file.txt". What is it for Eclipse IDE? Does Oomph installer make it available in the path? Which Linux distros package Eclipse IDE correctly enough to have a recent version of Eclipse installed on command-line invocation (only Fedora I'd say)?
For Windows users, they often get to Notepad++ because it's available on right-click (here again, it's an OS thing given by the installer). Does Eclipse IDE populate that accessible menu?
If we want the same level of accessibility, the first step isn't to improve the IDE, it's to integrate it better with the OS: make it part of the PATH and make it populate the OS "Open With" menus.

That said, I'd like to repeat that I'm all in favor of improving the workflow of opening a single file with the IDE, it's just that I have the impression that the cornerstone of this use-case is integration in the various OS (tricky thing) rather than improvements inside the IDE itself.
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