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Re: [] Eclipse vs Vi vs Sublime

On 03/15/2016 06:28 PM, Jay Jay Billings wrote:
What if I had an Eclipse IDE that was that easy to use? Suppose I download PTP so I can handle Fortran files (or whatever is appropriate), then I just go
eclipse testFunc.f90
All of a sudden, say a second or two, I see my code and I could start editing. At the very least I will stare at it and start thinking. Most likely I'm going to find a cup of coffee or check the clock for a bit before I start hacking, which gives a background thread pool time to do things like discover the .project file, load the rest of the workspace, start the tooling and boot up the rest of the plugins. On the look and feel side, hide everything. The project explorer and other views could all auto-hide, so when I boot up I see exactly what I want. The "Toolbar of Every Imaginable Button" could auto-hide too. Maybe the file menu stays and little symbols on the side show them what is hiding, but the point is their code.
That's the difference between an IDE and an editor. The cost of the IDE is its size, performance and relative UI complexity. For the use case you mention, the advantages compared to vim are navigation, validation, completion...
Vi has been here way before Eclipse IDE and it didn't prevent Eclipse IDE to become very popular. "Quick" editors and IDEs are not competing, they're complementary and many people use both. IMO, that's perfectly fine.

About the background operations such as detecting the .project file when opening a single file, I think that's a great idea. Can you turn it into an enhancement request?
could the welcome page show me useful things likeĀ 
"Open a file..."
"Run build..."
if no previous state was saved?
The welcome page is being revamped:
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