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Re: [] Eclipse Development Process 2013

Am 04.09.2013 16:53, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
Sorry for the delay (I was doing my best attempt at taking a few days off).

I did have a redirect set up:

When I make my own references to the current EDP, I always try to use the former link. But, it's an easy mistake to just follow the link and then copy and paste the redirected URL from the address bar...

I've made two changes. First, now includes the current edition, so that URL is more stable and will appear in the address bar for the current edition.

Second, does the same thing and so can also be used as a durable URL to the current revision. I had thought of setting it up to redirect to, but instead opted to include.

Each edition has a link to the previous in the right-nav (along with a link for diffs). I think that I'll add "next" links as well. I've also noticed that the 2008 edition doesn't have a previous link. I'll add that.
Thank you Wayne, this is much better ;-)



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