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Re: [] 10-Mar AC meeting notes



When I went to paste the proposed revision into the Bylaws, I found it a little ambiguous in places. Remember that the Bylaws need to be very clearly worded and are modified very infrequently.


How does this work?


The Eclipse Management Organization shall  establish an Architecture Council responsible for: (i) project mentoring, (ii) monitoring of, guidance on, and influence over the software architectures used by Projects, and (iii) maintaining and revising the Eclipse Development Process subject to the approval of the Board under Section 3.9(c).


The reference to Section 3.9(c) is necessary to reflect the fact the Board has final approval of any revisions made to the EDP.


Mike Milinkovich

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My apologies for not joining the call today, I had written a note about having a conflict but forgot to hit the Send button.

I think the proposed change to the bylaws is a good one, especially after the tweaks you discussed on the call today.


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[] 10-Mar AC meeting notes

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Hi all,

Notes of today’s meeting are now online:

Remember to ask Kim for the “OSS Architectures” book beta if you are interested.
Please vote for the wording change of the Bylaws as asked by Wayne – it’s important.

Hope to see many of you at EclipseCon.

Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River
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