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Re: [] PMC Approval Lag?

I just took a look at the technology and tools projects content,
something which I admit I haven't done in a long time. It's all
a bit higgledy-piggledy. It seems odd to have GEF in tools
and GEF3D in technology. It seems odd to have DLTK in
technology and ATF in tools. I wudda thought that having
people from similar/related projects on one PMC would make
everyones lives more interesting - and actually get some useful
communication going (e.g. DLTK and ATF).

It looks like lots of the "new" projects are in technology rather
than tools - which makes me think that this could be related to
incubating project oversight or "the tools project is dysfunctional
let's not put this project in there".

I could see some value in pulling together all of the 'language'
related projects - CDT, DLTK, ATF, Hibachi, AJDT, PDT, Glimmer;
also the 'vertical' projects - basically anything called Open Mumble
Mumble, Tigerstripe, STEM, VoiceTools.  Also there's some stuff
that is technology which could be better in tools - MAT, Linux Tools.

Looks too like a little surprise inspection would go over well on
some of these projects too :)

This is all IMNSHO, but breaking the cycle of dysfunction (term
introduced by another ;)  and preventing massive swell of technology
both seem to be useful tasks, i.e. keeping our house in order. Could
this be an AC responsibility? If not, who then?


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