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[] RE: Nominating Kim Moir

Dear Fellows,

Before I cast my vote on Kim's nomination, I would like us to pause just
a little.

I think VERY highly of Kim personally, regarding her capabilities as a
build engineer, her passion for and also her contributions to the
Community as a whole.

But I'm not so sure whether it is a good idea to nominate somebody into
the Architecture Council just because of being good in an area that the
Architecture Council is interested in promoting. Technically speaking,
Kim doesn't need to be on the AC to help out; we could as well create a
working group for release engineering, or similar.

So, before casting a vote, please consider our published criteria for AC

In particular,
- would she be a good Mentor to other projects?
- is she perceived as an Authority in the Community?
- could she guide new projects through the Development Process and IP
- does she have vision and understanding about Eclipse Architecture as a

I'm not saying that we have to follow these guidelines religiously, but
do think it is important for the Architecture Council as a whole to have

high entry critiria. If we grow too large as a Council, just because
convenient to get some work done, we risk losing authority as a body.

Thoughts for discussion.... What do YOU think?


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I would like to nominate Kim Moir to the Architecture Council.

She has been the force behind ensuring Eclipse builds and ships on time.
Her background in what it takes to ship Eclipse will be an asset to the
council as we face the challenges of an expanding ecosystem.
The more projects we get, the more complex the release engineering gets.
I believe she will have a positive impact on improving the state of
release engineering at Eclipse.

So, +1 from me


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465
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