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[] Next Year's Release Train to require being "e4 ready"?

Hi David,
In last week's Architecture Council call, we discussed the current state of affairs regarding
e4. We concluded that in order for e4 to gain momentum, it will be extremely important to
make the wider Community aware... and for Eclipse Projects to start becoming "e4 ready".
All this is still quite some time away, but we figured that the marketing buzz around releasing
Helios would be a great time to make an announcement that is very widely heard. If we
could announce at that time that next year's release train is going to be "e4 ready" if not
"based on e4", that would help a lot.
Could you start seeding that idea in the Planning Council... what the PC members think
about potentially making "e4 readiness" or "testing against e4" a must-have for next
year's train? What people think about promoting the EPP Packages to build against /
deliver on top of e4?
What would be a good avenue for "feeding back" the PC's thoughts into the AC?
BTW, planning for a joint PC and AC (==StAC?) face-to-face session at EclipseCon 2010
seems like a good idea... who could schedule this?

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