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[] AC panel at Eclipsecon 2010

Hi all,
since it seemed like there were enough supporters of a panel, I went ahead and registered one. Details here:
Cedric and Nick, since you are interested but new, would you want to moderate the panel?
You would have a microphone and start asking tough / interesting questions until the audience comes up with questions themselves. Since you are new to the AC but have a splendid Eclipse background, this would be an opportunity for you to ask questions that you are interested in yourself. The wiki page above has lots of example questions -- we can ask/answer them upfront on the Wiki and they are the AC FAQ.
Once the audience starts coming up with questions, you'd wander around with the microphone to help people in the audience getting heard.
I think that the moderator's job is at least as important as sitting on the panel (since you can really drive the discussion), but you don't need to speak with authority since you are asking questions. Andrew Overholt did it last year, are you interested?


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