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Re: [] AC panel at Eclipsecon 2010

Sure, sounds great to me !


Oberhuber, Martin a écrit :
> Hi all,
> since it seemed like there were enough supporters of a panel, I went
> ahead and registered one. Details here:
> Cedric and Nick, since you are interested but new, would you want to
> moderate the panel?
> You would have a microphone and start asking tough / interesting
> questions until the audience comes up with questions themselves. Since
> you are new to the AC but have a splendid Eclipse background, this
> would be an opportunity for you to ask questions that you are
> interested in yourself. The wiki page above has lots of example
> questions -- we can ask/answer them upfront on the Wiki and they are
> the AC FAQ.
> Once the audience starts coming up with questions, you'd wander around
> with the microphone to help people in the audience getting heard.
> I think that the moderator's job is at least as important as sitting
> on the panel (since you can really drive the discussion), but you
> don't need to speak with authority since you are asking questions.
> Andrew Overholt did it last year, are you interested?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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