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[] FW: Plea for EclipseCon submissions

Dear AC,
I'd like to prose an "Ask the AC" panel again for this year, like we did last year.
I was very encouraged by how the panel went last year -- I think it was a good thing to promote
the AC, get out some messages, but also get interesting questions and feedback from the
Who would like to be on the panel?
I also think that this year's EclipseCon may be a great chance to talk about
some architectural things, like Max and John's Excellent Plug-in Adventure
last year, which is still top rated on EclipseLive:

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Subject: [dsdp-pmc] Plea for EclipseCon submissions

Hey gang,

Just a reminder, especially given the low submission numbers currently, to post your talk ideas for talks EclipseCon soon. There's only two more weeks left before we close. And if you do it real soon, you'll be eligible for prizes!


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