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[] Agenda for Thursday Meeting

Thanks Gunnar,

I added this as an item for our monthly meeting on Thursday.

The 2nd item for Thursday is API Deprecation: I'd like to 
encourage all AC members read up on that topic as a base
for discussion.

Feel free to add other items to the agenda.

I know I've still got the action item for documenting bugzilla
best practices from our last meeting on the Wiki -- will do
until Thursday.

Cedric, and Tom: Have you talked to your respective PMC's about
making your representation official?

Talk you on Thursday,

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> Repository BestPractices
> Hi AC,
> Bug 249745 ([1], Eclipse Repository Best Practices) is 
> currently marked
> as a blocker for bug 257706 ([2], Host a git repository...). I wonder
> what the status here is.
> I also wonder if we as the AC should put this onto our agenda and come
> to a conclusion as this one. I can see two solutions:
> (A) Recommend X as the new SCM and recommend deprecating Y and Z.
> (B) Don't do anything but keep Y and Z.
> Both would require formalizing a statement and putting the bug into a
> RESOLVED state. Based on this, the blocking issue could be addressed.
> Note, I'm not saying that our decision has to be final. I'd 
> see it as a
> signal to people telling them that we are actually moving 
> forward (a bit).
> -Gunnar
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> [2]
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