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[] Re: Eclipse Repository Best Practices

Hi AC,

Bug 249745 ([1], Eclipse Repository Best Practices) is currently marked
as a blocker for bug 257706 ([2], Host a git repository...). I wonder
what the status here is.

I also wonder if we as the AC should put this onto our agenda and come
to a conclusion as this one. I can see two solutions:

(A) Recommend X as the new SCM and recommend deprecating Y and Z.
(B) Don't do anything but keep Y and Z.

Both would require formalizing a statement and putting the bug into a
RESOLVED state. Based on this, the blocking issue could be addressed.

Note, I'm not saying that our decision has to be final. I'd see it as a
signal to people telling them that we are actually moving forward (a bit).



Gunnar Wagenknecht

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