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[] Move the Dec 11 EAC Phone Meeting (due to SFO board meeting collision)?

Hi all,

by matter of Mike's declining our Dec 11 meeting,
I noticed that this meeting collides with the SFO
board meetings.

Which means that at least MikeM, EdM, DougG, 
BjornF, RichardG, DougC would be unable to 
attend (and probably more).

I'm thus trying to find an alternate time slot:
Same time (11am EST) on Thursday the week 
before or after, or Tuesday or Wednesday 
the week after. Switching to a day other
than Thursday would have the added benefit
of catering to members who have standing 
meetings on Thursdays (like Oliver Cole and
David Williams).

Please vote for a meeting date here:
The poll will be open for 1 week.

You can also propose a yet different time
slot, by responding to the mailing list here.
I can modify the poll at any time (better 
sooner than later, to avoid lots of votes 
happening before the change).


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