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Re: [] Better documentation for building Eclipse projects

Wayne, take a look at the work that Nick Boldt and others are doing.


Wayne Beaton wrote
Hey folks.

I've been chatting with some folks from one of the Technology projects about creating an automated build. AFAICT there is very little documentation around that discusses how one goes about setting up an automated build at

I did find a page on the wiki [1] that seems to be a reasonable start at it, but it needs some serious love. I've started to give it some attention, and thought that I'd invite others to provide their own input.

Is anybody aware of better documentation that describes the build process with PDE Build using with pack200, JAR signing, and update-site creation support?

I realize that the Common Build Infrastructure work is ongoing in the Dash project, but my sense is that there's still quite a lot of work to do before wholesale adoption can begin.



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