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Re: [] Using Google (or generally external) features in Wiki and for organization.

Georg's points make a lot of sense to me and I believe he has a strong basis for making them --- semantic web and information management is his business.  Google has clearly stated that they are looking to hold and manage all information possible. Information is king. Amazing things can be learned from disjoint pieces of information.  I'm not paranoid but I do manage my personal information quite closely.

Having said that, managing and exposing the intentionally public set of meeting times in Google calendar does not seem to represent any undue risk or loss of control.  This is not private, personal or particularly valuable information.  Nor are people interested in search for the individual items (they want to find the calendar not the invite for the meeting that was on Oct 9).  It is simply a convenient and timely way to broadcast and make available meeting times that we want everyone to know anyway.  I would suggest that we not even bother with acceptances etc.  They just generate spam and add no real value.


Ed Merks wrote:

Comments below.

August Georg Schmidt wrote:



today in the AC meeting we have had a request for using Google calendar for managing the meeting and the attendees.


Generally the usage of such tools has several drawbacks from my point of view.


1.       We add structured information to Google, when we are doing something.
They are moving strongly into our life and they are extreme collecting our data and behavior in the web. I dislike that point. With this information a lot of wrong things could be made.

This is a personal perspective.  Most of us don't view Google as something to avoid.

2.       The search in our WIKI is negatively affected.
You are not able to search on this type of content… e.g. an example is the calendar on the AC page.

There is no other good public calendar solution...


I don’t want to add further work to ones task. And I do not have an idea yet, how to reduce the amount of time that has to be invested without such a tool for coordination.

I get very frustrated these days when a note gets sent to dozens of people and each must separately enter calendar information.  Surely we all have better things to do that worry about Google using our Calendar data for nefarious purposes.  Eclipse is a public organization that does things in a transparent way.


Therefore I would vote with 0 on such a point.


Generally I would add a comment of moving this information out of our control.

I just don't understand this "control" issue...


As we move more and more information out of our IT system the usage of search or similar features is getting more and more complex on our data. As a result the only chance to get access to the content is the use of a spider to crawl the website. This crawler would be used for creating a search index or similar. If we want to improve access to information in our IT systems – like wiki or other page content – we should be in control of our data.

Yet we aren't.  It's hard to find anything.  I really don't need hard-to-find calendar data.

If not, accessing the real content we would always have the issue on making a decision, what is real and what is just navigational (or similar) data. Access to the content is therefore much more complex and that could affect the abilities of search algorithms.


Search or other knowledge management features… as categorization, content based routing, search and many more will get more and more complex or may work not optimal.

I'm not sure if we're still talking about knowing when a meeting takes place or something more detailed (though also very public).


From my point of view we should keep control on such data. This would give us options for flexible operations with our content.

I think our data is way too hard to find as it is, and that focusing on a way to avoid Google as a way to manage our calendars, when Google and any other entity in the works can and already does scan and index all our very public web pages anyway,  is futile exercise.   :-(




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