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[] Inactive EAC Members Process (dormant status)

Hi all,
Based on my original "dormant status" proposal [1], the comments which I have received, and our
general agreement to the idea in our last phone meeting [2], I have drafted a more complete
"dormant status" proposal as follows:
  1. We add an "EAC Member (dormant)" status similar to the Committer Emeritus status. Dormant members do not take part in active discussions, but retain their right to take part (because they represent a Strategic Member Company or a PMC, or have been appointed but don't currently have time). Dormant members get separately listed on the members and mentors page [2], as well as the councils page [3] pending technical feasibility.
  2. Members enter the dormant status after 3 months of inactivity (counting mailing list submissions, meeting attendance, and responsiveness to group action items agreed on by the EAC), or at their personal request (such as a person taking a sabbatical, for instance).
  3. Since a dormant member is not considered as well-informed and plugged-in to the Community as a mentor should be, any project(s) currently being mentored by the member entering dormant status are asked whether they'd like to pick a different mentor. Actually changing mentors, however, is at the project's disposal.
  4. Meeting attendance and mailing list activity will be tracked manually, until better tooling is available. Members will be informed by private E-Mail when they are about to move to the dormant status. Members can veto that change (since this would show a sign of activity) and argue why they think they are active. They can also return from dormant status at any time at their request (by E-Mail to the mailing list). PMC representatives and Strategic Members are informed that they can designate a different person to represent their respective bodies as per the Bylaws [5] section 7.2 page 20.
  5. The goal of the dormant status is to streamline the operation of active members. Therefore, dormant members are not asked for a suitable time when scheduling meetings, and are not waited for in a vote. This means, that in case all active members have voted +1 on a topic before the official 1-week voting period is over, the vote is considered complete.
  6. For appointed members, we will ask them to resign or request the Executive Director to remove them after 1 year in the dormant status (members representing a strategic member, or PMC can not be removed).
Please vote or comment on this proposal such that we can make it official. The voting will end on 1-Oct-2008.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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