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Re: [] Draft for E-Mail to Eclipse-committers

Hi Martin,

I like the draft a lot. Especially the "How do other projects..."

I think good architecture has a lot to do with consistency. In
many projects this is archived by a (one) few lead engineers/architects
that define the "style" of the system. In a meritocracy like eclipse
there is nobody who can enforce style and architecture rules.
The only way is to develop a common mindset, some shared "tribal
knowledge". The "How do other projects ..." questions is a great
way to build up tribal knowledge and to increase consistency.


Hi all,
here is the draft E-Mail which I proposed sending to,
announcing our new bugzilla CC abilities. Feedback is welcome, and I
intend finalizing the draft in our meeting tomorrow.
Subject: Announcing the EAC bug component
The Eclipse Architecture Council (EAC) <> is opening its communication
channels for discussions and questions:
As you may be aware, the EAC is staffed by appointed members
representing the most senior committers in the entire community,
as well as representatives from each PMC and strategic member.
You can now leverage this combined wisdom in the following ways:

   1. File a bug
      against the Eclipse Foundation / Community /
      Architecture Council component. All EAC members will
      get notified and answer the bug as appropriate.
   2. Put the
<> E-Mail address on CC of an existing bug. All EAC
      members will get notified and comment on your bug
      as appropriate.

/Q: What should be the scope of discussions initiated with the EAC?/
A: Think of it as a means of "escalation". Any question that you'd
like a mentor's advice on can be brought to the EAC's attention.
Including questions like "How do other projects..."  - it doesn't even
need to be limited to technical questions, in our opinion "architecture"
includes organizational issues just as much. We especially appreciate
questions, ideas or suggestions that might be interesting on a broader
scope. See this bugzilla query <> for existing discussions. In many cases the EAC may not answer your question directly, but
point you in the right direction; your bug's log will keep the history
of the discussion.
/Q: How does this relate to the existing cross-project-issues-dev mailing list and bugzilla component?/ // A: We consider the cross-project-isses component as a tool for
day-to-day work coordinating between projects, especially those
that are on the release train (Galileo). The EAC bugs can be more
fundamental, broader in scope, or with a longer time horizon.
/Q: Is this going to scale?/ // A: We'll see, it is an experiment for now but we're very much looking
forward to getting involved in the questions, ideas or suggestions that
you may have.
*Martin Oberhuber*, Senior Member of Technical Staff, *Wind River*
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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