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In the minutes of the call which I unfortunately could not attend there is a topic about new members. It made me come to the conclusion that I have not been active enough in this community to truly warrant membership.

My mentoring and involvement in the COSMOS and Aperi projects has wound down some time ago, and although I continue to be arm's length involved in TPTP, it is not the weight of contribution I would like. Eugene is providing excellent leadership there with Oliver. I am trying to mentor the ORMF project with Gary and Rich but find I am not spending the time needed to help in significant ways and spend most of my ORMF time just lurking on the list and not attending calls.

I feel all these projects are doing fine without any major involvement from me as is the community as a whole. My activity level in the Eclipse community will not change, but I  would like to offer my removal from the EAC active member list.

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman,
IBM DE / Technical Executive
phone:905-413-4032   fax: 4920  cell: 1-647-300-4758
Admin : Queenie Lam qlam@xxxxxxxxxx  Tie: 313-5864 1-905-413-5864

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