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Re: [] Bundle and Java package naming

Yes, the EMO (me) manages those names (using the Eclipse Top-Level Project naming conventions, but only when a project team asks me about the names they should use. If they just check in code without asking, I don't see it and thus am unable to comment. I have entered a bug about monitoring this:

David M Williams wrote:

But, I can't find in writing where that's said (that the EMO owns and assigns them) and in fact, according to a note in
it sounds pretty much left up to who ever fills out the form to get a project provisioned. (if that document is still current).
But the form generates an email that I review and (often) modify before the project is actually provisioned. So there is some small amount of control.
So, I nominate John to head up this subcommittee to be formed by 3 or 4 people he chooses, and to be a rotating assignment. :)
Their first task would be to draft a short document on their role, and how to fit into the "project provisioning" process ... that we could all discuss and vote to agreement, and then off they'd go.
Sounds like a good idea to me.


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