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RE: [] Bundle and Java package naming

Wow, neat to see this.


It reminded me that the Gamma and Beck “Contributing to Eclipse” book recommend putting stuff into “org.eclipse.contribution”, which is why AJDT (in Tools) is using “org.eclipse.contribution.visualiser”.  That looks like the only use of this somewhat questionable convention and I’m happy opening a bug against AJDT on it, although I do recall there being some clients of it at one point.




From: [] On Behalf Of Oberhuber, Martin
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 11:13 AM
Subject: RE: [] Bundle and Java package naming


FWIW, I ran the following script against /cvsroot on

and got attached results listing the current TLA's in CVS.


The -byrepo file lists TLA's by repository; the other file lists

all the tla's and adds the repository/component in which

it is found. So if any TLA appears multiple times in that

file it's a candidate for unwanted duplication.


I'm not sure how to get the same result for SVN repositories,

but it's a start.


From a first coarse look at the list, birt seems super-clean

but it's odd that datatools and dsdp have some "org.eclipse.core"



cd /cvsroot
find -L . -name '*.java,v' > $curdir/jfiles.$pid.txt
cd $curdir
grep -v '/Attic/' jfiles.$pid.txt > jfiles2.$pid.txt
grep '/org/eclipse/' jfiles2.$pid.txt \
  | sed -e 's,\./\([^/]*\)/.*/org/eclipse/\([^/]*\)/.*,\1: \2,' > jfiles3.$pid.txt
sort -u jfiles3.$pid.txt > jfiles-byrepo.$pid.txt
grep '/org/eclipse/' jfiles2.$pid.txt \
  | sed -e 's,\./\([^/]*/[^/]*\)/.*/org/eclipse/\([^/]*\)/.*,\2\t\1,' > jfiles4.$pid.txt
sort -u jfiles4.$pid.txt > jfiles-bytla.$pid.txt

I'm also including the byrepo file here, in case anybody

has problems getting the attachment. BTW, writing and

running the script took just 15 minutes...


birt: birt
callisto: callisto
callisto: europa
callisto: ganymede
datatools: core
datatools: datatools
datatools: jface
dsdp: core
dsdp: dd
dsdp: debug
dsdp: dstore
dsdp: equinox
dsdp: ercp
dsdp: eswt
dsdp: jdt
dsdp: jem
dsdp: jface
dsdp: modeling
dsdp: mtj
dsdp: nab
dsdp: osgi
dsdp: platform
dsdp: releng
dsdp: rse
dsdp: sudoku
dsdp: swt
dsdp: tm
dsdp: tml
dsdp: ui
dsdp: update
dsdp: ve
eclipse: ant
eclipse: browser
eclipse: compare
eclipse: core
eclipse: debug
eclipse: draw2d
eclipse: equinox
eclipse: ftp
eclipse: gef
eclipse: help
eclipse: internal
eclipse: jdi
eclipse: jdt
eclipse: jface
eclipse: jsch
eclipse: jsp
eclipse: ltk
eclipse: mylar
eclipse: opengl
eclipse: osgi
eclipse: pde
eclipse: perfmsr
eclipse: platform
eclipse: releng
eclipse: scripting
eclipse: search
eclipse: search2
eclipse: sound
eclipse: swt
eclipse: target
eclipse: team
eclipse: test
eclipse: text
eclipse: tomcat
eclipse: ua
eclipse: ui
eclipse: update
eclipse: vcm
eclipse: webdav
eclipse: welcome
modeling: ecf
modeling: emf
modeling: eodm
modeling: example
modeling: gmf
modeling: gmt
modeling: gymnast
modeling: internal
modeling: jet
modeling: m2m
modeling: m2t
modeling: modeling
modeling: mtl
modeling: mwe
modeling: net4j
modeling: ocl
modeling: releng
modeling: uml2
modeling: xpand
modeling: xpand2
modeling: xsd
modeling: xtend
org.eclipse: banking
org.eclipse: core
org.eclipse: examples
org.eclipse: images
org.eclipse: jface
org.eclipse: organizer
org.eclipse: resources
org.eclipse: samples
org.eclipse: servlets
org.eclipse: sudoku
org.eclipse: swt
org.eclipse: ui
org.eclipse: website
org.eclipse: wtp
technology: actf
technology: albireo
technology: alf
technology: am3
technology: ant
technology: aperi
technology: babel
technology: bittorrent
technology: bpel
technology: core
technology: corona
technology: cosmos
technology: dash
technology: debug
technology: dlkt
technology: dltk
technology: ecf
technology: eclipsemonkey
technology: eclipsemonkeydom
technology: emf
technology: epf
technology: epp
technology: equinox
technology: gmt
technology: help
technology: higgins
technology: installer
technology: jface
technology: jwt
technology: maya
technology: maynstall
technology: mddi
technology: nebula
technology: ocl
technology: ohf
technology: osgi
technology: pde
technology: perfmsr
technology: photran
technology: platform
technology: rap
technology: releng
technology: riena
technology: rwt
technology: samples
technology: soap
technology: soda
technology: swt
technology: test
technology: text
technology: tigerstripe
technology: tomcat
technology: ui
technology: update
technology: validate
technology: vtp
technology: weaver
technology: wsdl
technology: wsdl20
technology: wsi
technology: wsvt
technology: www
tools: ajdt
tools: cdt
tools: cobol
tools: contribution
tools: draw2d
tools: fdt
tools: ffs
tools: gef
tools: hibachi
tools: jdt
tools: jem
tools: jface
tools: mylyn
tools: orbit
tools: pde
tools: php
tools: ptp
tools: releng
tools: sexpr
tools: swt
tools: team
tools: ui
tools: uml2
tools: ve
tools: zest
tptp: core
tptp: equinox
tptp: hyades
tptp: tptp
webtools: atf
webtools: component
webtools: emf
webtools: etools
webtools: jdi
webtools: jem
webtools: jpt
webtools: jst
webtools: perfmsr
webtools: tests
webtools: update
webtools: wst
webtools: wtp



Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River

Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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