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[eclipse-scripting-dev] EASE Jython debugger design decision


as mentioned before I am currently working on the communication from Jython back to Java for the EASE Jython debugger.

There are basically two options how this can be implemented:
It would be possible to simply import the corresponding Eclipse events in Jython and do event handling the Eclipse way.

It would also be possible to implement the event handling only using the Jython standard library and have Eclipse wrap to the desired events.

The first version has the advantage that it can be implemented more easily and there are no wrapping methods necessary, therefore it will probably be more resource-friendly. The drawback is that the debugger code in Python can only be used with Eclipse.

In the second version I would have to make Eclipse correctly handle the Jython events which relies on a different mechanism. I would need an additional thread to map the Jython events to the corresponding Eclipse events. The big advantage here is that the Python code could be reused to implement the same functionality in either other IDEs or can be used by other Python interpreters. It only relies on the Python standard library that should be available for all interpreters and since it is Python can easily be modified or extended (if desired on the fly).

I personally favour the second option but if most of you think this seems like too much overhead I can implement the first method as well. The choice is yours.

Best regards,

PS: Feedback on my progress so far is still welcome.

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