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[eclipse-scripting-dev] EASE Jython debugger - first glance


as I mentioned in a previous mail, I am developing a Jython debugger for the EASE scripting environment.

I just uploaded some code to github [1] so that you can have a look at what if've been up to so far...

I already implemented the actual debugging functionality in Python and it is possible to launch Python scripts using EASE from the Scripting perspective. These scripts will be started using the Jython interpreter. The interpreter will not execute the file itself, but rather call a Jython object, that then executes the script. This may sound complicated but by this it is possible to handle the debugger logic (more or less) entirely in Python.

Further it is possible to set breakpoints, although the debugger will not pause at them for now. The events are correctly passed on from eclipse to the Jython interpreter, but I have not implemented the functionality that eclipse gets the correct response event to stop. This is next on my list though.

The interactive shell is working because my code builds on the working EASE Jython engine by adaussy [2].

To have syntax highlighting and auto-completion available the Jython debugger plug-in depends on the PyDev [3] Python plug-in.

If you want to check out the functionality so far you need to checkout:
  • the e4.scripting repository [4]
  • the EASE Jython engine by adaussy [2]
  • my EASE Jython debugger [1]
With a clean checkout you will get 2 access restriction error messages in package org.eclipse.ease.lang.python.jython.debugger. Eclipse already suggests that to fix the error org.eclipse.ease.lang.python.jython has to export JythonScriptEngine and JythonPackageManager. Export them and launch as Eclipse Application to see the code in action.

If you have any suggestions or requests regarding this projects, simply respond and I will see what I can do.

Best regards,

[4] git://

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