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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] EASE Jython debugger design decision

Hi Martin,

glad to see that you are really digging deep into the topic.

Let me sum up the 2 options you described:

option (1):
    + easier to implement
    + the "eclipse way"
    - for EASE only

option (2):
    + reusable from other IDEs
    + python only
    - needs more resources (wrapping)
    - needs additional thread
    - harder to implement

As you mentioned other IDE where option (2) could be reused: do you have any IDE in mind for that? If you think of re-using the code it would be interesting if you have any concrete plans. Would you like to release the python based stuff as a separate project?

Personally I would opt for (1) as you already said it is the "eclipse way". We are interested in the EASE debugger, so eclipse is our primary focus. Instead of spending time on a more versatile solution for other IDEs I would love to see some of the optional features implemented in the debugger.

Still it's your summer of code, so take your choice :)

As we have 2 mentors right now: what do you think?


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