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[eclipse-scripting-dev] [EScriptMonkey] Code style, libraries


we should rather sooner than later define what requirements we have on our code. This includes topics like

* code formatting
* use of "this" qualifiers
* member prefixes
* external library dependencies

As for the whole formatting stuff this is always a religious discussion. IMO we should stick to whatever is the default for other eclipse projects. Is there a list of settings available somewhere on
In the end I do not care much which format to take as long as it is consistent throughout the project.

What about external libraries. I see that we currently have a dependency to If it is common within other eclipse projects, I am fine with that. Otherwise we should try to keep external library dependencies short. I would rather stick to stuff available in the Kepler p2 repository and add only what is absolutely necessary (jython for example).

Best regards

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