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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] [EScriptMonkey] Code style, libraries

Hi Christian,

For coding conventions, a good place to start is

AFAIK the linked from the Dev page are captured in the default formatting profile that's shipped with eclipse, "Eclipse [built-in]".  Obviously using the default built in is the easiest thing to do.

What about external libraries. I see that we currently have a dependency to If it is common within other eclipse projects, I am fine with that. Otherwise we should try to keep external library dependencies short. I would rather stick to stuff available in the Kepler p2 repository and add only what is absolutely necessary (jython for example).

For stuff that's already used by other eclipse projects,  check out

For I see 11.0.2 and 12.0.0 already in there.   The project would still need a CQ to use it, but it's much easier to piggyback on something that's already been approved for use in another project.


Paul Webster
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