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[eclipse-scripting-dev] eScriptMonkey naming


as the new eScriptMonkey project is growing on GitHub, I'd like to propose to find a nice new project name for it. While a eScriptMonkey is fine as a working title I would prefer a new name for following reasons:

* There already exists a project called scriptMonkey on github:

* The name very similar to EclipseMonkey. While a "monkey" would be great for icon design (which we will need in time) I think the name would let users think, that this project is a simple revival of EclipseMonkey. But it is far more than that. Actually the "monkey" part (loading scripts, having dynamic menus to organize them, the DOMs) is just one facet of the whole thing. Providing a simple module mechanism for users to contribute, shell scripting, ev. Visual scripts are things beyond the focus of EclipseMonkey (please correct me, if I'm wrong).

* eScriptMonkey (to me) seems very long as a root package name (org.eclipse.escriptmonkey...)

I am not very happy with eScript either as it sounds more like a new scripting language than what it actually is: an interpreter framework.

So I started thinking and found some candidates:

DSEE: Dynamic Script Execution Environment (pronounce: [di: si:], like the 2nd part of AC/DC)
EASE:  Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment

Let me know what you think: do we need a better project name? Any suggestions for a decent name?

Best regards

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