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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Gireesh Punathil on Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment) has started

A committer election for Gireesh Punathil on project Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin
Development Environment) (eclipse.pde) was started by Vikas Chandra with this

Gireesh Punathil  ( github handle: gireeshpunathil) recently started working
on the Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment) team and has already
made an impact on the project.

He has  addressed the following bugs:
1) Migrate to Java 17 switch semantics -
2) Make export dialog add button follow list selection
3) Autocomplete for follow-up
4) Schema and feature compilers for project-specific preferences
5) Autocomplete for
6) Synchronise resource tree modification
7) Synchronise both the views with the template selector
8) Complete the help text content of the browser plugin template
9) Quick-fix for extraneous empty line(s) in manifest editor

This includes few noteworthy items like content assist in,
providing quick fix in manifest file and
providing project specific pde compiler options for couple of tabs.

One other PR is under review and also he has helped pde users in issues like

It is my pleasure to nominate Gireesh Punathil as a committer on Eclipse
PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment).

Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment) project committers can click
the election link below to vote.



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