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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Heiko Klare on Eclipse Platform™ has started

A committer election for Heiko Klare on project Eclipse Platform™
(eclipse.platform) was started by Lars Vogel with this criteria:

Heiko recently started working on the improvement and stabilization of the
tests in platform.
Such tasks are not very popular for contributors but very valuable for the
project as this helps us to to rely on our tests instead of accepting that
multiple tests fail from time to time.
The tests Heiko is working on are instable for a long time and stabilizing
them is difficult and time-consuming, most likely the reason why others did
not yet fix them.

Here is his list of contributions via git shortlog --author:

       Improve cleanup after test executions in
org.eclipse.core.tests.resources (#371)
       Close project when failing to restore metadata in SaveManager (#377)
       Remove unused ExampleWorkspaceTest
       Fix assertions in IResourceChangeListenerTest (#364)
       Improve JobEventTest.testDeadlockRecovery, avoid random failure (#373)
       Avoid background refresh while ensuring file is out of sync #96
       Improve timing behavior of IJobManagerTest for slow servers #397
       Improve tests for calling LockListener in JobManager #399

Heiko has multiple more pending pull requests, see

Heiko is using the Eclipse IDE for about 13 years and developed the research
prototype "Vitruv" based on Eclipse RCP and EMF/Xtext for about 7 years
He works on the Eclipse RCP application PREEvision at Vector since 6 months.
He started contributing to the Eclipse Platform because Vector is making
strategic investments into the Eclipse Platform and IDE product and Heiko is
the planning council member for Vector.
He has a long-term focus on Eclipse contributions as this daily work.

Heiko confirmed via email that he and his company has the ambition to support
the Eclipse Platform (and the Eclipse Project in general) in terms of all
kinds of contributions, reviews, and feedback and that he as a  personal
interest in keeping the Eclipse Platform and IDE alive.

Please join me in welcoming Heiko.

Eclipse Platform™ project committers can click the election link below to



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