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[eclipse-pmc] PMC meeting minutes 2022-07-20

Hi everyone,
There have been no PMC meeting minutes published lately as we stopped doing it with Eclipse Wiki "deprecation". We are sorry about that and are trying to fix the issue!

* Publish meeting minutes
** Publish today's minutes to PMC mailing list for openness.
** Look into finding a "permanent" place to post minutes starting with some of the coming meetings.
** looks like the best place so far.
** Move old minutes too?

* De-Orbitization of Platform
** Effort started after last release issues with custom mapping
** Do as much as possible for this release
** Upstream improvements - BouncyCastle, Lucene, etc. will have to happen before more switches can happen
** Some libraries (e.g. JUnit 4.x) will stay from Orbit as long as they are shipped as Maven Central doesn't have them as OSGi bundles
** Cross-project notification email need (Jay)
*** Already sent by Mickael, projects are building using Maven for years and projects have to move to using Maven libraries directly so in a way it's simplification of the process (Alex)
*** If there is unclear case/need for more explanation we need exact questions to act on

* Tycho OSGi Connect usage
** FYI very promising effort to simplify our main build tool (
** Connect is very specific API for very tight problem zone so hopefully it works for the Tycho use case (Tom)

Aleksandar Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team

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