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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Christoph Laeubrich on Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment) has started

A committer election for Christoph Laeubrich on project Eclipse PDE™
(Plugin Development Environment) (eclipse.pde) was started by Vikas Chandra
with this criteria:

Christoph Laubrich recently started on the Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development
Environment) team and has already made an impact on the project.
He has fixed addressed the following bugs:

On bugzilla
577184 	 [target] Allow references to other targets inside a target-file 	
578158 	NPE at BundleLauncherHelper.addPlugin 	
577861 	 BundleContainerSelectionPage.createTargetLocationProvisionerNode
must delegate more methods to the actual wizard 	
577927 	Provide better error message in case target schema is not known 	
577929 	NPE in
576606 	Feature.hasRequiredAttributes() should be protected 	
576568 should support a
(protected) constructor without a file 	
576610 	FeatureEditor should support display of non-file-based feature models
573557 	[ds] use deterministic order in component descriptors 	
572520 	Run As > JUnit Plugin Test fails if the test is in a source-folder
marked as 'includes test sources' 	
568865 	[target] add advanced editing capabilities for custom target
On GitHub
  APi tools should import package ASM instead of require bundle it #43

Apart from this, he is very active in reporting PDE bugs, giving
feedback/reviewing in PDE PRs etc

It is my pleasure to nominate Christoph Laubrich as a committer on Eclipse
PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment).

Eclipse PDE™ (Plugin Development Environment) project committers can click
the election link below to vote.



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