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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Windows SWT patch reviews

Hi Alex,
The gerrit query that you have shared doesn't give the correct picture, as there are patches in the list that already have responses.

Apart from came to my notice last week all other patches are basically cleanup which IMHO doesn't become top priority immediately.
Lot of time goes into review of big cleanup patches and due to possible side effects it can cause and thorough testing needed, also we need to put time fixing regression as Lars made a mention of one such case in his note:

 You may remember, we had already invested time and effort to have Conrad to be a Platform committer in the past. But, he is no longer active.
 I welcome other platform committers to pitch-in for review of these patches.
Also, one important point for committership cleanup patches are not enough, we need bug fixes and I'm happy to review them.

 Also, I wonder why this mail was not sent to platform-dev list(and sent only to pmc list)

Niraj Modi
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SWT on win32 patches seem to be piling up now (e.g. and we don't have anyone but Niraj to look at them right now. Considering that and upcoming introduction of svg and other file formats for Linux only right now.
It seems correct to me to send a generic plea for help (cross-distro mailing list? initially) for people interested to help out with  the supposedly most used operating system.
Also aiming at making the people submitting win32 specific patches committers seems like what should we do in the very short term but the issue for this is that I don't even have access to such maching and I had to borrow one from a friend last week for quick check for project of mine.
So what do you think? Can we get Niraj to engage with Nikita (most patches coming from him in the current queue) so we can get him commit rights and unbreak the vicious cycle?


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team
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