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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Windows SWT patch reviews

Hi Alexander,

I added last week a few people to the SWT patches but have not seen
feedback on them.

I also did submit a trivial one myself (Constructor usage) to help but
the queue is still very long and I also would like to see Nikitas
patches gettting more attention.

Just in case if people do not remember: Nikita helped the project to
remove ~20 000 lines (estimation based on Gerrit) of dead SWT Win code
(I think it was last year) via IIRC this caused
no runtime problem, only the Application verifier under Window (code
outsite Eclipse AFAIK) was affected by this and this was fixed via Bug

Nikita Nemkin (21):
      Bug 531097 - [Win32] Remove support for Windows before Vista
      Bug 531097 - [Win32] Remove unused PI definitions
      Bug 531097 - [Win32] Remove unnecessary string manipulation
      Bug 533113 - [Win32] Restore indeterminate ProgressBar look
      [Win32] Remove dead code from Display.windowProc
      Bug 335054 - [Win32] Hand cursor over link widget gets stuck
      Bug 533558 - [Win32] Remove redundant display checks in Tray, TaskBar
      Bug 318942 - [OLE] new OleAutomation(progId) fails because of missing flag
      Bug 533562 - [Win32] Clean up native headers
      Bug 533556 - [Win32] Fix compiler warning in native code
      Bug 533557 - [Win32] Remove workaround for Adobe Reader 7.0
      Bug 480639 - Provide monitor-specific DPI scaling / zoom level
      Bug 533559 - [Win32] Move TASKBARBUTTONCREATED handler
      Bug 534029 - [Win32] Simplify Display.getPrimaryMonitor()
      Bug 184951 - [Win32] Tree/Table checkboxes render jagged at a high DPI
      Bug 480586 - [Win32][HiDPI] Tree expansion triangle issues
      Bug 538381 - Loading Link class crashes with Application Verifier
      Bug 530393 - Fix copyright headers in generated JNI files
      Bug 532830 - [Win32] Remove ANSI versions of functions and structures
      Revert "Revert "Bug 532830 - [Win32] Remove ANSI versions of
functions and structures""
      Bug 544085 - [JNI] Insert correct newline character into generated code

So definitely +1 for giving this patches priority to help increasing
the SWT Win ownership.

Best regards, Lars

On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 3:20 PM Aleksandar Kurtakov <akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> SWT on win32 patches seem to be piling up now (e.g. and we don't have anyone but Niraj to look at them right now. Considering that and upcoming introduction of svg and other file formats for Linux only right now.
> It seems correct to me to send a generic plea for help (cross-distro mailing list? initially) for people interested to help out with  the supposedly most used operating system.
> Also aiming at making the people submitting win32 specific patches committers seems like what should we do in the very short term but the issue for this is that I don't even have access to such maching and I had to borrow one from a friend last week for quick check for project of mine.
> So what do you think? Can we get Niraj to engage with Nikita (most patches coming from him in the current queue) so we can get him commit rights and unbreak the vicious cycle?
> --
> Alexander Kurtakov
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