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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Java 7 on Mac OS X

Scott Kovatch <scott.kovatch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 2012/03/20 14:49:55:

> > 1) We have never bundled a VM with any Eclipse deliverable before.
> Why would we start now?
> >
> > Because Apple is changing the rules :)
> >
> > Are you saying there is no other way to build Java applications on
> the Mac now?
> >
> > That is correct. All Java applications distributed via the Mac
> > Store and the iOS AppSore will have to bundle a JRE.
> This is true only if you want to distribute a Java application in
> the Mac or iOS App Store. Developers can still distribute
> applications outside of the app store that rely on an installed JDK.

So, basically doing what we do now will work fine, as long as...

> The immediate issue for Eclipse, though, is that the means by which
> it finds the JDK right now will not work with Oracle's JDK 7, and it
> will also need the ability to find a bundled JRE. We need to make
> some changes to support it. This will be true for RCP-based apps and
> Eclipse itself.

... we make these changes. You know, it's odd. We've known that there were going to be changes required here for a while, and I actually *thought* we had already made them. Maybe it was just for launching apps from within Eclipse and not for the launcher itself. Bogdan/Michael, do you remember anything like that, or am I just smoking...?

> This is why I filed two bugs. We want Eclipse to work with JDK 7,
> and also have the ability to bundle a JRE so RCP apps can be
> distributed via the app store. Those are two separate tasks.
> I should clarify this in the bugs, as it sounds like there's some confusion.

Yes, please.

And for Mike M...
> > Yes. However, this will be true for all products built on top of
> > Eclipse (including RCP-based products) that wish to distribute via
> > the Mac Store.  So if we don't ensure that this works, we are
> > damaging the Eclipse ecosystem's ability to market on the Apple platform.


To me the biggest potential obstacle here would be the nature of the redistribution licence Oracle would have to grant to enable that. I assume that's part of what the Eclipse foundation is working on. Other than that, I'm sure it would be good to have someone test that style of distribution, but it doesn't need to be us (in the same way that we weren't the ones who worked on delivery via RPM).

We do have to make sure we actually *run* on the JDK however, once the changes Scott mentioned are made (and which hopefully he can help us with).


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