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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Java 7 on Mac OS X

Let's start with some basic questions (and I apologize for my ignorance)...

1) We have never bundled a VM with any Eclipse deliverable before. Why would we start now? Are you saying there is no other way to build Java applications on the Mac now?

2) If it's just about delivery through the app store, then shouldn't that be an issue for *products* built on top of Eclipse rather than the SDK?

3) Will sandboxing be a requirement for all apps or just for those delivered through the app store?

4) Who's looking at the licensing issues?

(there are similar questions from Pascal in the bugs)

In any case, thanks for the offer to contribute, Scott.

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[eclipse-pmc] Java 7 on Mac OS X


Oracle will be releasing Java 7u4 for Mac OS X in April, and applications will need to make some changes to adopt it as their runtime.

To that end, I opened a bug ( requesting that Oracle JDK 7 be a supported platform for Juno SR1. To do this, 374791, which requests that Eclipse bundle a JRE or JDK of 7u4 on the Mac, will have to be addressed as well.

I will be attending EclipseCon next week, and was hoping I could start talking to the right people to get this moving. I'm happy to offer support and possibly patches. I don't expect it to be a difficult thing to do, but there will be build implications.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

Scott K.

Scott Kovatch
Santa Clara/Pleasanton, CA

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