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[eclipse-pmc] Java 7 on Mac OS X


Oracle will be releasing Java 7u4 for Mac OS X in April, and applications will need to make some changes to adopt it as their runtime.

To that end, I opened a bug ( requesting that Oracle JDK 7 be a supported platform for Juno SR1. To do this, 374791, which requests that Eclipse bundle a JRE or JDK of 7u4 on the Mac, will have to be addressed as well.

I will be attending EclipseCon next week, and was hoping I could start talking to the right people to get this moving. I'm happy to offer support and possibly patches. I don't expect it to be a difficult thing to do, but there will be build implications.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

Scott K.

Scott Kovatch
Santa Clara/Pleasanton, CA

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