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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Eclipse project indigo release review slides

Hi John,

It's quite strange because if you are doing a CTRL+F for "helios" at
least my OpenOffice and LibreOffice brings up the master-page's footer
which is empty in the UI but well somewhere there is the term "helios".


Am 01.06.11 17:01, schrieb John Arthorne:
>> "Oberhuber, Martin" <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> 05/31/2011 08:10 PM
>> Perhaps it was due to opening the .odp file with Powerpoint 2010,
>> but in my version the footer of the slides still read “helios” and ©
> 2010.
> I don't see where that is coming from, but I will be submitting PDF and
> I will make sure the footer is correct.
>> On the Bugzilla statistics, I found it remarkable that 4600 were
>> resolved but only 2070 + 511 had target milestones … I assume that
>> the rest was found to be duplicate, WORKSFORME or invalid, which is
>> a 50% rate that seems remarkably high. Remarkable also that 2200
>> others were added to the backlog and not marked duplicate or resolved.
> There were also roughly 500 bugs marked fixed in the Indigo period with
> no target milestone. It's hard to say anything definitive about these.
> Some appear to be for development tasks that don't appear in builds,
> like web site work. Also all of the Java 7 bug fixes fall into that
> category. I suspect about half of those 500 were actually fixed in
> Indigo but the committer failed to set the target milestone. But in the
> end it is roughly 3000 FIXED, 1500 INVALID/DUPLICATE/etc.
> And yes, our backlog increased as it does every year. We now have 21,000
> bugs open. Here is an interesting graph of open bugs plotted over time:
> <>
> John
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