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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Eclipse project indigo release review slides

+1 Nice!


Perhaps it was due to opening the .odp file with Powerpoint 2010, but in my version the footer of the slides still read “helios” and © 2010.


On the Bugzilla statistics, I found it remarkable that 4600 were resolved but only 2070 + 511 had target milestones … I assume that the rest was found to be duplicate, WORKSFORME or invalid, which is a 50% rate that seems remarkably high. Remarkable also that 2200 others were added to the backlog and not marked duplicate or resolved.





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Eclipse PMC,

Sorry for the late hour, but here is a draft of the Eclipse project release review slides for Indigo:

The slides are due on Wednesday so we can discuss if necessary during our PMC call this week.

Thanks to Olivier for producing the API statistics...


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