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RE: [eclipse-pmc] Documenting dependencies on operating systems andJRE's

Hi John,
have you had contact with the EMO already regarding this "documenting exempt pre-reqs"
process? As per the policy you cited, the policy is only meant as a "framework for interpretation".
So before we go into great lengths entering CQ's which are hard to keep exact, let's ensure we
know what is really needed. I personally do not see much value in documenting the obvious.
For instance, in terms of the Linux kernel, do we already document pre-reqs like X Window,
GTK+, ... or, what was the last version of Eclipse that was actually known to run on QNX?
Where should we start and where should we end?
In my understanding, the policy was made to ensure that commercial adopters of Eclipse
technology are not forced into downloading / bundling dubious additional software that is
nowhere documented. In terms of the OS and core UI libs, I do not see such a risk.

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Subject: [eclipse-pmc] Documenting dependencies on operating systems andJRE's

It has come to my attention that we must enter CQ's for all dependencies on third party software that we reference, including operating systems and JRE's [1]. I had previously thought that exempt pre-reqs didn't require a CQ. Furthermore, the policy says:

"These discussions and decisions must occur transparently either via email on the public PMC mailing list, or in the minutes of meetings distributed to the public PMC mailing list."

I am writing this email to satisfy the above requirement. I would like to declare an "exempt pre-req" dependency for the Eclipse project on the following:

Windows (CE, XP, Vista, or 7)
Linux Kernel 2.6
Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
Sun Solaris 10 or greater
HPUX 11i v2 or greater
IBM AIX 5.3 or greater
QNX Photon
Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or greater

Since the CQ deadline for Helios is Feb. 5th, I'd like to submit a CQ for these as soon as possible. Please respond here with any comments, concerns, additions, or corrections. If I hear no objections or corrections before February 1st, I will assume all is well and I will enter the CQ.



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