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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Build on the plan

And as part of the PDE Build here are a set of things that we would like to see happening time and resource permitting:
* Provision the target at build time depending on what is being built
* Incremental build, to only build the bundles that have been changed
* Parallel build, to compile the bundles that are independent of each others in parallel
* Publish the jars to p2 repository

In addition to those items that I would qualify of mainly "technical", the refocusing of PDE build on a purely "compilation orchestrator" role requires us to think about the workflow of p2 metadata for things that can not fully be generated (e.g. root files).

Inactive hide details for Darin Wright---03/09/2008 12:36:45 PM---> In the 3.4 round build was a big problem. PDE build and theDarin Wright---03/09/2008 12:36:45 PM---> In the 3.4 round build was a big problem. PDE build and the releng


Darin Wright/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA




03/09/2008 12:36 PM


Re: [eclipse-pmc] Build on the plan

> In the 3.4 round build was a big problem.  PDE build and the releng
> builder have evolved over time to handle many subtle and complicated
> usecases.  While it is great that it handles these, the infrastructure
> has evolved into an unmanageable, brittle and monolithic code mass.
> Fundamentally it is inhibiting teams from making progress quickly and it

> is stressing the build and releng teams.  Further, as our consuming
> community grows and diversifies and things like e4 and Equinox blossom,
> the load on these teams and the technology will only grow.
> I would like to open the planning discussion around build/releng,
> getting it on the plan and finding contributors to make it happen.
> Jeff

I'm interested in discussing how we can achieve better integration between
bundle development (PDE/UI) and export/deployment (PDE/Build). PDE/UI is
planning enhancements around target definition/management in the 3.5
cycle, and this feels like a good opportunity ot unify target/product
definitions for compiling/running/and exporting/building.

The PDE/UI plan is not posted yet (web site permission issues...), however
the work items for target manangement enhancements looks something like

* Define a target platform based on an existing p2 installation of bundles

* Support target platform definition by creating/modifying a p2
installation of bundles (download and install bundles into a target from
update sites)
* Support multiple target platform definitions in the workspace, with one
active target platform that workspace projects are compiled against
(preference page with check box for active target)
* Investigate sharing target platform definitions with a development team
* Source code should be installed in/part of a target platform (source
bundles) rather than a global setting
* Support target management for non-p2 installs (update manager) in a
similar fashion

Darin Wright
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