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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Build on the plan

> In the 3.4 round build was a big problem.  PDE build and the releng 
> builder have evolved over time to handle many subtle and complicated 
> usecases.  While it is great that it handles these, the infrastructure 
> has evolved into an unmanageable, brittle and monolithic code mass. 
> Fundamentally it is inhibiting teams from making progress quickly and it 

> is stressing the build and releng teams.  Further, as our consuming 
> community grows and diversifies and things like e4 and Equinox blossom, 
> the load on these teams and the technology will only grow. 
> I would like to open the planning discussion around build/releng, 
> getting it on the plan and finding contributors to make it happen.
> Jeff

I'm interested in discussing how we can achieve better integration between 
bundle development (PDE/UI) and export/deployment (PDE/Build). PDE/UI is 
planning enhancements around target definition/management in the 3.5 
cycle, and this feels like a good opportunity ot unify target/product 
definitions for compiling/running/and exporting/building.

The PDE/UI plan is not posted yet (web site permission issues...), however 
the work items for target manangement enhancements looks something like 

* Define a target platform based on an existing p2 installation of bundles 

* Support target platform definition by creating/modifying a p2 
installation of bundles (download and install bundles into a target from 
update sites) 
* Support multiple target platform definitions in the workspace, with one 
active target platform that workspace projects are compiled against 
(preference page with check box for active target) 
* Investigate sharing target platform definitions with a development team 
* Source code should be installed in/part of a target platform (source 
bundles) rather than a global setting 
* Support target management for non-p2 installs (update manager) in a 
similar fashion

Darin Wright

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