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[eclipse-pmc] Re: Build on the plan

Eclipse PMC members,
As you probably know from blog posts [1], bugs [2], and the wiki [3], there's a general community effort afoot, supported and abetted by the Foundation, to create a common build infrastructure across all Eclipse projects. It would seem appropriate (and the best use of limited resource) to have a common effort in this area, improving not only the Eclipse PMC's build systems but also the common build infrastructure (for all projects who want to use it)*.

I'd like to propose a face-to-face kick-off of a unified effort. Early October? Ottawa? Build workshop number three with the specific goal of putting together a technology plan and a project plan. How about it?

- Bjorn

In the 3.4 round build was a big problem.  PDE build and the releng
builder have evolved over time to handle many subtle and complicated
usecases.  While it is great that it handles these, the infrastructure
has evolved into an unmanageable, brittle and monolithic code mass.  
Fundamentally it is inhibiting teams from making progress quickly and it
is stressing the build and releng teams.  Further, as our consuming
community grows and diversifies and things like e4 and Equinox blossom,
the load on these teams and the technology will only grow.
* note that "common" means available to all the projects if they want as opposed to "standard" as in "standard ip log" which means the projects must do it that way. In my vision, projects can still do their own builds in their own custom way if they want to.
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