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Title: New Page 1
Kim, (cc/ Jeff, McQ, Mike, the Eclipse PMC)
They were placed in the incubator out of convenience -
If I was a member of the Equinox team I don't believe we'd be having this conversation - the bundles would simply be in the Equinox (or Equinox Bundles) component already.  These bundles don't seem to fit the traditional incubator mould and the process around incubation (exemplified by the skeletal slide deck) seems too cumbersome to accommodate their use.  These bundles are more akin to a traditional feature (developed by any Eclipse developer) than a true incubation project.
That may be true, but they *are* an incubation component and the community, through the Board of Directors, has told me/the EMO to follow a certain process regarding the graduation of incubation projects. The process isn't for me (if it were entirely up to me, the process would be a different thing, trust me) -- the process that the EMO has the thankless job of enforcing is for the larger Eclipse community. The larger Eclipse community has told me/us that it wants vibrant communities and frameworks, etc. You may see this is just a stupid hoop to jump through, but the larger Eclipse community has, repeatedly, told me that it wants this documentation from the projects for each review. Feel free to encourage your Board representatives (the one IBM rep and the five Committer reps) improve the process in the future.
The lack of community is a consequence of what I mentioned above. 
So you need to explain this to the larger community in your slide deck. Perhaps the "there are only 200 lines of code" is the best explanation.
Let me address your concerns with regard to API.  While there is no Java API being published in the traditional sense these bundles do in fact form an extensible framework rather than a fixed tool.  It is possible to contribute your own transformer types via an OSGI service (registered on the Object class with a specific tag) as well as your own custom transform instances. 
Great - again, you need to explain this to the larger Eclipse community via your slide deck. Just saying "there is no API" raises huge red flags: we (the EMO) are simply prohibited by the Bylaws from approving any project review for a project that has no API.

If you'll provide a new slide deck that explains these points to the larger Eclipse community (these same items that you've just explained to me), then we'll be good to go.

- Bjorn
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