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Title: Bjorn Freeman
Kim (committer), Jeff & Mike (eclipse.incubator project leads), and the Eclipse PMC, (cc/ Mike)
Kim has requested that the Equinox Transforms Bundles graduate from the incubator to the main Equinox code line. Looking at the draft of the slides (attached), I see slide 5 - IBM/Rational is the only client - and slide 9 - there is only one developer, also from IBM/Rational - and slide 8 - there is no API.
  1. How can this be seen as having vibrant and diverse committer and adopter communities? ( and
  2. And, without any APIs, how can this be seen as following the purposes of the Eclipse Foundation, e.g., "supplying frameworks" (; section 1.1)
  3. Similarly, without any APIs, how does this have "balanced progress in creating both frameworks and tools" (
Could you clarify how this is a "common good" framework rather than code for a single company's products that just happens to be hosted at Eclipse?
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Committer Community
Eclipse Foundation

voice:  971-327-7323 (Pacific Time)
email:  bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx
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