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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] FTP links - any way to suppress them?

No, not currently.  If you look at the index.php for this page it displays only http links, if you are on eclipse.org otherwise is displays both http and ftp links.

Since ftp links are not used much anymore, I would open a bug (https://bugs.eclipse.org) against eclipse platform releng to remove the ftp links.


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04/07/2006 11:57 AM

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[eclipse-mirrors] FTP links - any way to suppress them?

On our (internal only) mirror, the server that holds the files supports http:// access, but not ftp:// (no ftp server software installed, there).

Is there any way to suppress/exclude the ftp links, to avoid users clicking them and getting errors (and reporting them to me :-)?

For instance, on my mirrored page of


The FTP link for the first file is


Which gets a "Connection refused" since there's no FTP server available at that address.
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