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[eclipse-mirrors] Callisto simultaneous release

Greetings Eclipse mirror maintainers,

A major Eclipse release will be occurring towards the end of June. It will be largely popular, and to make matters worse, 9 other big Eclipse projects will be releasing at the same time. We're calling this big release train "Callisto".

I'm telling you this for two reasons: one, as a head's up, and two, because not many of you are currently grabbing the Callisto files because they are in a different top-level directory.

For those who have a few hundred megabytes of disk space to spare, you can add the line below to your RSYNC script, or simply grab the latest mirror script at http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse.org-rsync.sh.txt

rsync -rtlv --delete download.eclipse.org::eclipseMirror/callisto/* /path/to/download.eclipse.org/callisto/

The final directory structure you should have should look like this:

|---- callisto
|---- eclipse
|     `---- downloads
|           `------ drops
|                   `------ R-*
|                   `------ S-*
|---- tools
|---- webtools
`---- TIME

Our crawler will (eventually) detect that you have the callisto files, so you don't need to tell me that you're mirroring them.

Many thanks for all your efforts. You guys make downloading Eclipse possible.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



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