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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Callisto simultaneous release

I was wondering if the Callisto folder on rsync://downloads.eclipse.org
is supposed to be a complete Callisto.
I have tried taking an eclipse platform runtime binary (3.2M5a) and
using my mirror of Callisto to update it to a full Callisto.
Unfortunately, there are a few files that the update manager can not
find and because of that the update fails. I have checked and these
files are not on rsync://downloads.eclipse.org (so not merely a local
The files that I know of are::


I also tried updating using the main Callisto site and everything worked

Ágúst Hlynur

Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) wrote:
> Greetings Eclipse mirror maintainers,
> A major Eclipse release will be occurring towards the end of June. It
> will be largely popular, and to make matters worse, 9 other big Eclipse
> projects will be releasing at the same time. We're calling this big
> release train "Callisto".
> I'm telling you this for two reasons: one, as a head's up, and two,
> because not many of you are currently grabbing the Callisto files
> because they are in a different top-level directory.
> For those who have a few hundred megabytes of disk space to spare, you
> can add the line below to your RSYNC script, or simply grab the latest
> mirror script at http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse.org-rsync.sh.txt
> rsync -rtlv --delete download.eclipse.org::eclipseMirror/callisto/*
> /path/to/download.eclipse.org/callisto/
> The final directory structure you should have should look like this:
> /path/to/download.eclipse.org/
> |---- callisto
> |---- eclipse
> |     `---- downloads
> |           `------ drops
> |                   `------ R-*
> |                   `------ S-*
> |---- tools
> |---- webtools
> etc.
> `---- TIME
> Our crawler will (eventually) detect that you have the callisto files,
> so you don't need to tell me that you're mirroring them.
> Many thanks for all your efforts. You guys make downloading Eclipse
> possible.
> If you have any questions, please let me know.
> Denis