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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] 3.1 stable hit and rsync error

I've pulled the 3.1s out... did another TB+ yesterday.  Dirs emptied
with info index.html in place.  I'll resync in a week orso after things
die down a bit, or perhaps configure bw_mod throttling.


Denis Roy wrote:

> Andy,
> I'm not sure about interstitials but I'm all for setting up a Mirror
> Appreciation page.  If any other mirror sites would like to be in it,
> please let me know.
> As of yesterday we have set up our own high capacity mirror site on a
> 100 Mbps link to try to relieve the load placed on our mirrors. It's
> been consuming about 50 Mbps for the last 12 hours. I hope it's helping.
> Denis
> Andrew Taylor wrote:
>> Heyas,
>> Well, the 3.1 release is putting a large load on my server
>> (reachable.ca).  I may have to drop out of rotation in a couple days, as
>> I'll be (more) over my xfer quota... did a TB in the last day, the
>> largest hit I've seen.  It would be nice to show an interstitial for the
>> coloc hosting company (they've been good to me).  Any support for that?
>> Also, I'm getting an error on rsync:
>> rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at
>> main.c(1173)
>> Too many files to transfer, I guess.  Has anyone run into this?  Is
>> there a workaround?
>> Thanks,
>> Andy
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